The First Love ClubHouse
The First Love ClubHouse
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The ClubHouse is a special place for the First Love Club to gather in fellowship as sisters in Christ. It is a safe and private members-only online group, and has proven itself to be a fresh alternative to other social media platforms. Having this special place to gather is helping us to avoid the internet “squirrels” that often distract our attention away from The First Love Club and our special community, as well as speak freely about our love for Christ, His truth, and our responsibility as His people. We hope you will join us and that you will find the ClubHouse to be a warm, welcoming, Christ-filled space in our little corner of the internet!

What is The ClubHouse and What Happens Here?

  • We are a community. The ClubHouse is a safe, private, members-only group that is unique because of its freedom from the drama, censorship, and worldly values of mainstream social media.
  • We engage in Christ-centered and Christ-honoring conversations.
  • We follow the instructions given in Romans 12:15 to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep”, by encouraging one another to live righteously, by celebrating the blessings in our lives together, and by comforting and praying with each other in the trials of life.
  • We discuss the things we are learning in Bible Time with Mark & Cori (our daily YouTube journey of reading through the Bible), and we share resources to help us grow in our love and understanding of God’s Word.
  • We get together (virtually) for LIVE videos to giggle and chat about this and that… Faithful Gatherings are so much fun!
  • We will read, learn and discuss a book together and have LIVE discussion sessions in the BookNook.

Who is welcome in The First Love ClubHouse?

  • We invite women of all ages to join! We’ve got Millennials, Gen-X’ers, and Baby Boomers in the house — each person brings a valuable perspective and experience to our community!
  • New believers, long-time Christians, and those who are curious about what it means to live for Jesus and walk with Him daily — all are welcomed and treated with love and respect.
  • Married, single, widowed… kids or no kids… the members of The ClubHouse are unique and varied, and each one is precious in God’s sight!
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